Anybody with valleys on their roof knows the frustration of rain overrunning the gutters.  I call this a ricochet effect.   Water can pour down your valley 2 inches or more in waves that cascade over your gutter.  This is frustrating. Solutions? An old-fashioned remedy is a deflector (ie a shield) attached to the top of the gutter.  This device (continue reading)

Until recent times almost all homes featured 5” wide gutters with 2” by 3” downspouts.  They mostly got the job done. But modern homes have more corners, more ins and  outs, more valleys and gables. So your modern builder has gone upscale to 6” gutters, the old commercial size. The 6” gutter carries 59% more (continue reading)

Aluminum gutters come in two basic thicknesses: .027 and .032.  The difference is much more than the metal.  The heavier (.032) will withstand a ladder or severe weather much easier.  The price difference is minimal.  Always require the heavier weight. The gutter hangers should always be hidden with screws that penetrate 2″ into the fascia.  To carry (continue reading)

It is possible to install a gutter cover that will self-clean if the gutter cover has a slope. It is also possible to make a filter out of 316 stainless steel that only water (no organic matter) will go through.  It is possible to install it on a straight run gutter and have virtually no (continue reading)

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