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Six County Assessors in Nebraska & Iowa have concluded that MasterShield Gutter Covers are a great investment.  Why would the county assessors, (traditionally the “thriftiest customers” next to realtors) decide to spend their hard earned bucks on gutter covers? Is it to avoid climbing a ladder again?  Perhaps it is the lesson one Assessor’s mother found when she (continue reading)

In March of 2011, I installed a MasterShield radiant barrier in my attic.  On the advice of Oak Ridge National Testing Laboratory, I stapled it to the roof rafters inside my attic.  Pre-cutting the quilted aluminum lengths makes installation easier.  I also carried a ten-inch x ten-foot one-inch thick board to stand on.  Starting at one end, I wallpapered the (continue reading)

Virtually every Homeowner faces the questions:“Are my roof and gutter covers worn out?  Do I need a new roof?” Almost always the source for these questions is an interested party–a roofer. Why we continue to ask someone with a financial stake in our actions to operate as a neutral third party is mind-blowing.  Roofers make money when you replace your (continue reading)

If your home was constructed before January 1, 1978 and your gutters and/or downspouts do not have a factory finish paint job, beware. A factory paint finish is a pristine smooth finish. It was applied before the gutter system was installed. Even if you have one, the federal government now requires that every time you touch more (continue reading)

Okay, you’re right: cleaning gutters is a pain.  You are looking for a silver bullet solution.  You want to avoid climbing a ladder all the time. Working on a gentle-slope roof can work if you are young enough not to lose your balance occasionally.  Still, beware–there are over 400,000 ladder falls a year.  Be careful.  Don’t be reckless.  You may decide to buy gutter (continue reading)

Anybody with valleys on their roof knows the frustration of rain overrunning the gutters.  I call this a ricochet effect.   Water can pour down your valley 2 inches or more in waves that cascade over your gutter.  This is frustrating. Solutions? An old-fashioned remedy is a deflector (ie a shield) attached to the top of the gutter.  This device (continue reading)

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