It is possible to install a gutter cover that will self-clean if the gutter cover has a slope.

It is also possible to make a filter out of 316 stainless steel that only water (no organic matter) will go through.  It is possible to install it on a straight run gutter and have virtually no overrun of rain.  (Note that a roof valley requires special handling.)

It is also possible to get a transferable warranty that protects a home with a 100% money back factory warranty if your gutters clog with MasterShield (MS).

I install MS on hundreds of homes yearly.  I have received the BBB Integrity Award and Angie’s List Super Service Award.

Is MasterShield perfect? No.  All gutter covers create ice, including MS.  They make ice in freezing drizzle; they make ice when snow melts. Is that a concern?  Not to me.  A little ice is such a tiny problem. Only where people walk underneath the gutters is ice a legitimate concern.  This is when you may consider heated gutter guards.

There are several choices of heated gutter guards on the market.  The two groups are divided by several sub groups.

  • Wattage
    • Using 5 or 6 watts per foot, the electricity is normally run on a regular outside outlet (with existing GFI). They must be turned on before the need to melt ice.
    • Another option is to use a dedicated circuit for a heat cable installation at 20 watts per foot.  You turn this on only when you need it. The downside? This option can run $1200 in required electrical work in addition to installation costs plus material.
  • Placement of the heat cable.  All gutter covers install the cable on top of the cover. This is a horrible catch point for debris coming off the roof.  MasterShield is the exception.  MasterShield has a patent-applied-for-method of attaching the Danfoss Heat Cable on the bottom side of the micro mesh filter.  This allows free flow into the gutter.   Sleet and snow will melt on the outer edge of the gutter cover with gently applied heat.

Danfoss tells us that by 2016 they will have a moisture sensor that will turn your low wattage heat cable on only when you need it.