Okay, you’re right: cleaning gutters is a pain.  You are looking for a silver bullet solution.  You want to avoid climbing a ladder all the time. Working on a gentle-slope roof can work if you are young enough not to lose your balance occasionally.  Still, beware–there are over 400,000 ladder falls a year.  Be careful.  Don’t be reckless.  You may decide to buy gutter guards or covers.  Who do you chose?  All contractors promote their own line, so do your homework. Then call one or several contractors.  While you analyze the products please beware of:

Overblown or false promises.  Be sure to question your salesperson.  If he mentions a lifetime guarantee, ask questions.  Be sure the guarantee covers more than the paint finish. Make sure you understand the difference of terms “warranty” and “service promise”.

Warranty has more muscle. What is covered is as important as who stands behind the warranty.  Few local companies have the where-with-all or life expectancy to issue a credible long-term guarantee.  Accept only a Manufacturers Warranty.  The manufacturer should have the deep pockets to survive local issues and be there if you ever need them.

Next: how will a gutter cover handle heavy rain?

Remember even a silver bullet can be misfired. So insist that your local installing company issue an extensive Labor Guarantee.  I suggest two (2) years is fair.

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