Six County Assessors in Nebraska & Iowa have concluded that MasterShield Gutter Covers are a great investment.  Why would the county assessors, (traditionally the “thriftiest customers” next to realtors) decide to spend their hard earned bucks on gutter covers? Is it to avoid climbing a ladder again?  Perhaps it is the lesson one Assessor’s mother found when she asked her son “Are MasterShield gutter covers worth the expense?”  His answer was “Yes!”  Three years later when Mom sold the old family home, her $3,000 investment returned a $5,000 added value. (Her secret formula was to decide what her home was worth and then add $5,000.)

In today’s fiercely competitive market housing market there is a reason why Omaha, Nebraska’s top realtor, Ken Coates, requested a Heartland MasterShield sign in the property he had listed.  FYI: that home sold in 2 weeks.   We’re sure the sign helped.

The single most dangerous task around any home is climbing a ladder and navigating around your roof.  Proper ladder technique takes time, balance, and agility. Cleaning the debris Mother Nature deposits on your roof and gutters are not for everyone.  Keep your child, neighbor, yard guy or spouse away from dangerous jobs.

MasterShield still has it’s long-valued traditional features.  In addition, it is now also available in a heated version, so ice over the entry points to your home is a thing of the past.  How?  Heat cable hooked to a thermostat runs inside your gutters.  Heat is gently provided to ensure the continuous melting of ice and snow at the edge of your gutters.  Bye-bye to dangers of an ice storm or the heartache of a friend or family member taking a fall at the front door. Gigantic drifts of snow and ice overhead can be a thing of the past.  Plus you get peace of mind while protecting family members and friends.  Twelve months a year you have the peace of mind knowing your gutter cover investment will bring some benefits.  Believe County Assessors, more independent approvers of MasterShield products.

Keep your gutters from clogging…Guaranteed! Heartland MasterShield: Servicing Lincoln, Omaha, Council Bluffs, Des Moines, and surrounding communities.