Virtually every Homeowner faces the questions:“Are my roof and gutter covers worn out?  Do I need a new roof?” Almost always the source for these questions is an interested party–a roofer.

Why we continue to ask someone with a financial stake in our actions to operate as a neutral third party is mind-blowing.  Roofers make money when you replace your roof. They make nothing if you don’t. So let’s not expect them to give disinterested advice. Who can you trust? To my mind only two solid sources 1) Yourself or 2) A paid home inspector (if certified, home inspectors are forbidden to refer a repairman).  If you want to save the $100 to $250 an inspector charges, take a good look at the following roof features.

A roof that leaks are in need of the leak-stop, not roof replacement.  A roof that has curled shingles still may have many years of useful service.  Curled shingles have broken on the curls, still maybe 3 or 5 or more years left in the roof.  If roof granules are coming off, remember, that is is part of a roof’s aging process.  If all roof shingle sand is gone, whoops, you got 1 year or so to replace a roof. One major caveat as a roof age it gets more fragile, and tiny hail that wouldn’t have harmed it before now pose another terminal risk.  But didn’t you pay homeowners insurance all these years so when that happens you can cheerfully pay an oversize deductible and get that new roof? Beware about insurance adjusters, too. If you have suffered an insurance loss, some of them are paid to say, “You have no problem, your roof is fine”. After weather-related events, the roofer can be your best friend, showing damage to you and pointing it out to the insurance adjuster.  ALWAYS call roofer if the adjuster does not offer to replace your roof.

Why a big spiel on roofing from a gutter cover company?  MasterShield can be reinstalled on a new roof with NO damage by your dealer or in my case by one of my skilled workers on the weekend for a minimal charge. Any under-the-shingle gutter covers like Gutter Topper and permanently-affixed gutter covers like LeafGuard suffer pretty significant damage when an old roof is torn off and replaced.  So invest for the future if you can afford it.  In hail, belt areas buy architectural shingles for the looks. But forgo the expensive ones as your insurance company will almost certainly buy you a new roof before a 35 year one has worn out.  FYI: if you can afford it do a complete tear off, replace flashing and all when reroofing.

For additional proof go to Money Magazine May 2012 page 53 “Redo Your Roof the Right Way”

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