Testimonials for Heartland MasterShield

Having examined a variety of gutter covers on the market, including Leafguard and Gutter Helmet, I am convinced that the MasterShield Gutter Protection System is by far the best and most efficient available. Your excellent presentation at the onset of the job and personal attention to all of the details through its completion makes [you] one of the finest companies I have dealt with. I have recommended that….[you] be included on the “Preferred Contractors” list maintained by our homeowners association.
P. M. of Des Moines, IA
We would like to let you know how happy we are with our recent MasterShield installation. You were highly recommended by others in our neighborhood. After researching, pricing, checking the appearance, etc. with several other gutter protection competitors, we know that we made the right decision…The end result of not having to worry about climbing a ladder to clean the gutters frequently is well worth the investment. We also, would recommend MasterShield highly.
T. and J. B. of Johnston, IA
Your product and services will be shared with many of our friends and neighbors.
G. and J. P. of West Des Moines, IA
I saw your demonstration at the home show in Cobb Co. I compared the construction and concept to Dixie Gutter Guard and Gutter Guardian, this design seemed more logical to me. I am very satisfied.
M. A. of West Des Moines, IA
We are writing you to tell you how much we like our gutter system. It’s such a pleasure knowing that we never have to get on a ladder to clean out the gutters ever again… We are happy knowing that the name of the gutter system sold to us is the best, and we were happy with the timely fashion that the gutter system was installed. We are very satisfied.
M. D. of Clive, IA
We found out about MasterShield gutter protection at a home show. We have fir trees and needed a gutter solution that works. We decided to purchase MasterShield. Boy was I glad that I did! I have never had to worry about my gutters since.
Ed P. of Urbandale, IA
Very pleased with the quality of work on installation and high quality product.  Also looked at Leaf Filter and Gutter Glove.
D. A. of Council Bluffs, IA
Your installers were efficient, clean and helpful. So far, we love the product.
D. R. of Omaha, NE
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent install of MasterShield gutter protection. The materials used appear to be of very high quality, and the color choice I made matches my existing gutters perfectly… I’m really looking forward to not having to worry about clogged gutters ever again. I’m glad I choose MasterShield, and I’ll recommend them to anyone in need of gutter protection.
G. A. of Papillion, NE
You asked for my opinion on your operation from phone call to completion. 10 out of 10! You don’t mince words and were honest with me from the beginning…I told several people at my office about you and your company and I would like you to go by and measure my mom’s house. I want to surprise her with it for her birthday.
Charles T. of Omaha, NE
You were honest with me and did not waste my time with false promises and bravado. Your product sold itself once you explained the concept. Your presentation was professional and thorough. MasterShield’s workers were quick, polite, neat and they did an excellent installation, from what I can tell. The gutters have been getting a workout with all of this rain and are doing great! I have walked around the house to make sure nothing was running over, like it was before, and things seem to be working as promised. I appreciate your expertise!
Carroll W. of Omaha, NE
Great products and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them!
R. J. of Sioux City, IA
Every other company claimed they were the best, all other companies were bad, and tried to pressure me into making a decision on the spot, giving me discount after discount if I could make up my mind today and today only! You were different from the beginning…I had already made up my mind to choose MasterShield, however wanted to see if you were a man of your word. I just want to thank you for a great job that we will enjoy for years to come.
M. T. of Lincoln, NE
Thank you for our new MasterShield. What a beautiful job. Our new gutters look great and the MasterShield is barely visible, although I like the way it looks…wish I could see more! It’s rare to run across a company so committed to excellence.
Mike M. of Lincoln, NE
Thank s for cleaning up all the c**p that came out of my gutters including my whole deck.
C. D. of Lincoln, IA
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